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The vital package for a strong intestinal flora

The fermented concentrate with vitamin C and living lactic acid bacteria cultures and prebiotic fibres and herbs in a combi-pack


1200 ml MyREGULATE
1 x 450 g ColoSTABIL

Download: Product Datasheet MyREGULATE
Download: Product Datasheet ColoSTABIL

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Product Description


Ferment concentrate with vitamin C and live lactic acid bacterial cultures in a base of lactic fermented barley malt and beetroot extract

Since time immemorial, it has been known to native peoples that traditional fermented foods such as natural vinegar, miso, pickled vegetables, kefir, yogurt or kombucha are beneficial to public health. Responsible for this are the contained lactic acid bacteria and their final product, the lactic acid.

MyREGULATE is a valuable ferment concentrate from germinated, activated barley, which is “harvested” in the active optimum, that is, when the concentration of the enzymes is highest. In addition, a ferment concentrate naturally contains a multitude of amino acids, oligopeptides, phytochemicals, but especially dextrorotatory lactic acid and lactobacilli.

With over 1 billion lactic acid bacteria per milliliter, MyREGULATE provides an extremely high density and regeneration pool for the microbiome. Native peoples in different parts of the world are aware of the beneficial effects of kefir, yogurt and food fermentation, and these valuable gifts of nature are staples of these crops. Often we find there strikingly many people who are healthy until old age.

The optimal interaction of the individual and the right bacterial strains – the central organ microbiome – is an essential prerequisite for a stable intestinal function and for a self-regeneration of the intestine. When the intestine is regulated, it is an essential pillar of overall health. After all, the gut, and especially its bacterial flora, hosts most of our immune system.


Bowel-active dietary fiber, seed, bittern and herb preparation for the digestive system and excretory function

ColoSTABIL® may encourage a good “gut feeling” and general well-being. The bowel is our biggest organ and is intended to play a key role in the preparation and supply of nutrients as well as in regulating the excretion of end products despite our degenerated modern diet. In addition, a healthy gut houses 80% of our immune system.

This balanced mix of bowel-active fiber, seeds, bitters and herbs has been adapted to meet the requirements of a healthy digestion. The intestine and its digestion constitute a central function in nutritional status and metabolic processes.

According to their nature prebiotic dietary fibers support:

  • a natural good ‘gut feeling’ and general well-being
  • a normal harmonious digestion and stable bowel activity
  • a normal self-cleansing of small and large intestine
  • a physiological intestinal milieu and a natural, physiological intestinal flora, and consequently a stronge immune defence of the organism
  • a binding and excretion of undesired substances

Valuable nutritional content

ColoSTABIL® is a natural wholefood preparation with top quality ingredients. It contains a sensational spectrum of valuable trace elements, vitamins and secondary plant substances, such as polyphenols, bioflavonoids, anthocyanins and OPC, resveratrol and bitter substances.

Maintenance of the intestines and the stool

ColoSTABIL® contains various fibrous materials, swelling agents and mucilage, which stimulate intestinal activity and intestinal cleansing. Experts assume that nowadays we consume just 10% of the amount of dietary fiber compared with the average of the rural population 50 years ago.

Probiotic fibers naturally feed the health-promoting microorganisms in the colon and can thus promote a favorable intestinal milieu and consequently strengthen the body´s immune defense.

A normalization of the digestion and thus a tightening of the gut passage time relieves the intestinal mucosa and promotes its regeneration. Natural cleansing and excretion happen gentle and efficient and can help to reduce the daily intake of undesirable substances.

Hildegard von Bingen´s herbs and bitters

Bowel-active plant substances, essential spices and herbs, as well as bitter-herbs may also have specific binding properties. In addition, their secondary plant compounds can provide natural, stimulating effects on the body’s detoxification organs, e.g. liver, gall bladder, kidneys and of course the bowel itself.

ColoSTABIL® offers a unique supply of natural micronutrients, antioxidants and bitter agents as well as many forgotten ingredients from the field of traditional herbal medicine. It therefore provides an important contribution to a holistic, healthy diet.


1,200 ml / 40.6 fl oz
in double-walled special bag under vacuum. In the opened container no oxygen penetrates and the contents are protected until fully consumed against oxidation.

Ingredients MyREGULATE

Spring water, barley malt, beetroot extract, L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C), lactic acid bacterial cultures

Nutrients MyREGULATE

per 50ml (daily recommendation)
% specification: Nutrient reference value (NRV)

Content ColoSTABIL®

200 g mixture, sufficient for 13 days or
450 g mixture, sufficient for 30 days

Ingredients ColoSTABIL®

Oat bran, spelt bran, ground hemp seed, broccoli powder, whole psyllium, whole linseeds, psyllium husks, ground psyllium, ground chokeberry, acerola cherry powder, artichoke powder, spice mix including gentian root, milk thistle, dandelion root, bertram, clove, caraway

Nutrients ColoSTABIL®

per 15g (daily recommendation) and 100g
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount

Recommended intake MyREGULATE

30 – 50ml daily. This is 1.5 to 2.5 shot glasses 2cl.

Suitable for vegans.

Recommended intake ColoSTABIL®

Take 1 heaped tablespoon (approx. 15 g) daily added to juice, warm or cold water, milk, yoghurt, muesli or fruit. Stir well or whisk.
Gradually increase within the first week.
Take double the amount over the course of 4 – 6 weeks for application as a cleasing cure.

Suitable for vegans.

Legal note

This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise.


ColoSTABIL®: Herbal food preparation – 21069092 – EU/Germany, MyREGULATE: Liquid food supplement – 22029919 – EU/Germany

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