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Vitamin C + Vitamin D3 + Vitamin K2 + Astaxanthin

Perfect power from the vitamins cholecalciferol (D3) + menaquinone MK-7 (K2) together with the cofactors magnesium, zinc and boron for a strong immune system, firm bones and stable muscle function and the optimal supply of the lipid layers of cells of the organs/sensory organs in a PerfectVITAMIN Bundle.


VitaDK plus 60 capsules (38 g), sufficient for 30 days
EyeCQ 60 capsules | 37 g – food supplement

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Product Description

VitaDK plus

Highly effective complex of vitamin D3 + K2, magnesium, zinc and boron.

Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 are an unbeatable team when it comes to strengthening your immune system and your bones! Vitamin D3 is involved in many vital processes in our body. Among other things, it promotes the absorption of calcium from food. Vitamin D should always be combined with vitamin K2, because vitamin K2 supports the positive effects of vitamin D3 by activating proteins (such as osteocalcin), thus ensuring that calcium reaches the bones and is not deposited in the blood vessels. The body needs magnesium for the activation of vitamin D3. The trace elements boron and zinc also improve the effect of vitamin D3.

In VitaDK plus you will find vitamin D3 combined with the co-factors involved in a balanced, perfectly coordinated ratio! You benefit from the synergistic effects with just two capsules a day. All nutrients are 100% vegan and of carefully selected premium quality!

VitaDK plus supports:

  • the smooth functioning of almost all cells and organs
  • the normal maintenance of bones, teeth and muscles
  • the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which has a positive effect on skeletal muscles
  • strengthening of the immune system

Use of VitaDK plus:

  • for increased susceptibility to infections
  • for muscle weakness, bone mineralisation disorders or hair loss
  • for the permanent maintenance of a balanced vitamin D level
  • for all people who do not regularly enjoy several hours of direct sunlight on the skin and especially with dark skin color, which in the northern European latitudes can hardly form vitamin D
  • to compensate for the lack of sunlight during the winter months or in case of insufficient sun exposure
  • in case of malnutrition
  • in case of an increased vitamin D requirement (e.g. in children in the growth phase, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in case of certain intestinal diseases, when taking certain medicines).

Product background:

Vitamin D is involved in numerous metabolic processes in our body. It plays a key role in our immune system, the health of our bones and muscles, and our nervous and cardiovascular systems. A sufficient supply of vitamin D is therefore not only essential for our physical performance, but also for the prevention and treatment of numerous chronic and serious diseases.

Vitamin D is the only vitamin that is produced independently by the body. However, it is only produced with sufficient exposure to the sun. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle, which is predominantly indoors, makes it almost impossible to cover our needs via sunlight. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle, which is predominantly indoors, makes it almost impossible to cover our needs through sunlight. It is also impossible to cover our vitamin D needs through our food. So it is no wonder that about three quarters of all Germans have a vitamin D level that is too low. Supplementation is therefore urgently recommended to everyone!

VitaDK plus, specially developed by dr.reinwald vital, is a synergy complex that develops a particularly effective effect by combining the sun vitamin D3 with the other important nutrients menaquinone MK-7 (vitamin K2), magnesium, zinc and boron. In this way, you benefit not only from optimal bioavailability, but also from high efficacy. For optimized absorption, we recommend taking VitaDK plus together with some fat or a meal containing fat, vitamins D + K are fat-soluble vitamins.


Antioxidant cell protection complex with FAT-soluble Vitamin C and Astaxanthin

EyeCQ is a unique, synergetic complex of high-dose Vitamin C (water and fat soluble), bioflavonoids, vitamins A + E, astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, reduced glutathione, Active H® and zinc.

Water-soluble vitamin C can reach the aqueous compartments. The fat-containing lipid layers of the cells, as particulary in organs and sensory organs can be better supplied with fat-soluble vitamin C. Through the lipid (fat) containing cell walls only fat-soluble substances can diffuse. Water-soluble compounds, such as conventional vitamin C, are rejected here.

Astaxanthin is a carotenoid that is produced in a particularly high concentration by the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis for the purpose of cell protection. Aquatic animals such as salmon, shrimp, lobster or the flamingos owe their color to astaxanthin. In fish, astaxanthin can overcome the blood-retinal barrier in the eye as well as the blood-brain barrier in the brain to become effective beyond as an cell-protective antioxidant. Many other positive effects are attributed to astaxanthin. More information is available on the internet.

Vitamins and antioxidants help protect cells from oxidative stress through ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) or free radicals. Antioxidants are characterized by the release of electrons that neutralize free radicals.

EyeCQ contributes to the normalization of

  • Cell protection against oxidative stress (neutralization of free radicals)
  • Cell energy production (ATP)
  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Psychic function (mental energy)
  • Immune system (defense power)

Ingredients VitaDK plus

Magnesium citrate (78%), capsule shell: hydroxyprpylmethylcellulose, zinc citrate, sodium tetraborate, menaquinone MK-7 (vitamin K2), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3).

Content VitaDK plus

60 capsules (38 g), enough for 30 days

Nutritional values VitaDK plus

%-information: Nutrient reference value

Ingredients EyeCQ

Calcium ascorbat, capsule shell: hypromellose, astaxanthin from haematococcus pluvialis, ascorbyl-6-palmitate, camu camu powder, zinc citrate, citrus-bioflavonoids, D-alpha-tocopherol (vit. E), magnesium citrat, coenzym Q10, colloidal silica (1%), L-glutathion reduced, retinol (vit. A)

Content EyeCQ

60 capsules (gastro-resistant) / 37 g. Sufficient for 30 days.

Nutrients EyeCQ

per 3 capsules (daily recommendation)
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount

Recommended intake VitaDK plus

Daily 2 capsules with good water.

There are no known restrictions or intolerances. Suitable for vegans.

In case of anticoagulant drugs ask your doctor.

Recommended Intake EyeCQ

2 times a day take 1 capsule with with good quality water.

There are no restrictions or incompatibilities known.
Suitable for vegans.

Legal note: This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise. Many of the claims used are evaluated by the European Food Safety Association (EFSA).


EyeCQ: Food supplement with vitamins – 21069092 – EU/Germany, VitaDK plus: Food supplement – 21069092 – EU/Germany

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