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Cellular detox: the ultimate cleanse for your body

Microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals, pollution – our bodies have never been exposed to more toxins than they are today. Regular detoxification is therefore more important than ever. What many people don’t know is that detoxing with gut-active substances such as zeolite only binds toxins in the gut. Toxins that have accumulated in cells, serum, tissues, organs or the brain remain unaffected. Detoxification should therefore always be holistic and involve all compartments of the body, especially the cells. Only by detoxing comprehensively and correctly can we protect the body from damage and achieve the desired results.

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippokrates

Premium quality dietary supplements

Your daily supplement – 100% natural, additive-free and vegan

Are you looking for a premium quality dietary supplement that is natural, highly effective and preferably vegan? Then you’ve come to the right place! In our nutritional supplements, we combine selected, high-quality natural ingredients in unique formulations to create highly effective complex preparations. Tried and tested over many years, our Vitality products cover all the essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients that your body needs every day – from A for essential amino acids to Z for zinc.

Micronutrients, the foundation of our health

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements and phytonutrients, known as micronutrients, support our bodies in all important basic functions and metabolic processes. They are the foundation of our health and well-being. As our bodies are unable to produce micronutrients themselves, or only to a limited extent, we need to obtain them from our daily diet.

Why do people need to take supplements even if they eat a healthy diet?

In our therapeutic work, we often find that even people who eat a healthy and balanced diet, with lots of fresh and largely unprocessed organic foods, are lacking in important nutrients. Why is this the case?

Increasing pollution, the use of pesticides and other environmental toxins, depleted soils due to modern agriculture and industrial processing methods have greatly reduced the nutrient content of our food. Sadly, this is also true of most local, organic food. Added to this is our modern, often unconscious lifestyle, with too little sleep and exercise, mental and physical stress, environmental toxins and the constant use of smart phones, etc., which also causes permanent stress in our bodies. And when we are stressed, our body not only wants to relax and rest, it usually also wants more nutrients.

We strongly recommend that you support your body with the most important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Does that sound like a lot? Don’t worry, our specially formulated complexes provide you with a universal basic supply that you can easily and conveniently incorporate into your daily routine.

Possible consequences of nutrient deficiency

A mild nutrient deficiency is often not noticed at all, or only through very unspecific symptoms. The problem is that common symptoms such as tiredness, lack of concentration, listlessness, paleness, hair loss or headaches are often not directly related to the nutrient deficiency. If nothing is done, there is a permanent undersupply of vital micronutrients, which weakens our organism and therefore our immune system. This can lead to chronic or serious illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

This is why it makes sense to take high-quality food supplements. However, you should be very careful when buying them. Not all supplements are the same!

How to recognise quality supplements

Unfortunately, there are a number of black sheep in the dietary supplement market, as well as many great quality vitality products from reputable manufacturers.

You can use the following criteria to quickly and easily check the quality of a supplement. Good quality supplements are free from

  • Sweeteners and bulking agents such as sugar, sucrose, dextrose or sugar substitutes such as aspartame
  • Anti-caking agents and binders or additives such as titanium dioxide, soy, lactose or gluten
  • Colours and preservatives
  • Artificially inactive forms such as folic acid instead of folate in vitamin B9 products
  • Carbonates instead of citrates, e.g. in acid-base blends
  • Genetically modified ingredients

Other signs that a supplement is of poor quality include

  • Low bioavailability
  • Low or inadequate dosage of ingredients
  • Pasteurisation of products containing lactic acid bacteria
  • Frequent use of fish oil in omega-3 products, increasing the risk of heavy metal contamination

Health and vitality through the power of nature: High quality premium supplements from dr.reinwald

This is exactly where our premium nutritional supplements come in. Our vitality products are not only of the highest quality and bioavailability, they are also free of all additives and, with a few exceptions, 100% vegan. The basis for the development of our products is a combination of old and new knowledge of natural medicine, our many years of experience in nutritional medicine and the utmost care and love.

What makes dr.reinwald’s vitality products so special?

We are often asked what makes our Vitality products different from other food supplements. The quality of our ingredients and our unique recipes speak for themselves. They offer not only uncompromising quality, but also 100% healthy ingredients. Our Vitality products are all

  • Free from genetic engineering
  • free from animal testing
  • free from questionable additives such as sweeteners and binders, additives, preservatives, fillers, anti-caking agents and colourings, flavour enhancers and flavourings
  • free from simple sugars, lactose, purine, milk, egg and soya
  • Free of carbonates and other inorganic salts
  • Free from petroleum-based ingredients

We also believe in fair and equitable production conditions, which is why we manufacture our products in Germany under the strictest of conditions.

This ensures that we maximise the quality and fairness of our supplements for you and ourselves.

Systemic applications: Complex formulations for maximum efficacy

All our nutritional supplements are complex formulations developed with care, love and years of experience. Why is this? Complexes are far more effective than single ingredients because they provide the body with the most important synergists and co-factors at the same time. This means that the controlled metabolic processes can be optimally supported.

This is another special feature of our vitality products: They have not been developed for a single health focus, but for a wide range of applications.

High quality premium food supplements from dr.reinwald: Wide range of applications

Supplements for your gut health
A healthy gut and a healthy microbiome are the foundation of our health. Our highly effective vital products support your intestinal health in a targeted and sustainable way by cleansing toxins and providing an additional supply of valuable probiotics and prebiotics (fibre).
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Dietary supplements for stress & inner balance
During times of stress, it is particularly important to supplement your diet with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Our unique complex formulas, made from 100% natural ingredients, provide long-lasting and effective support for stress, fatigue or exhaustion.
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Detox & Purify Supplements
Targeted loosening, binding and elimination are essential for a detox programme. Our specially formulated supplements have a particularly high binding capacity for unwanted substances, supporting your ‘inner cleansing’ with gentle detoxification and effective elimination.
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Supplementing your defences
Almost 80 per cent of all immune cells are found in our gut, and around 80 per cent of all defence reactions take place in our microbiome. A healthy gut is therefore the basis for a healthy immune system. This is where our highly effective supplements come in: They keep your gut healthy and your immune system intact.
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Ketogenic Diet
Our high-purity essential amino acids, prebiotic fibre, omega-3 fatty acids and other essential products are the ideal daily companions for your ketogenic lifestyle. Naturally additive free, 100% vegan and made from 100% high quality natural ingredients.
Buy ketogenic diet supplements now

Supplements for your weight management
Healthy weight loss without the yo-yo effect requires effective support for the body’s own detoxification and the addition of high quality amino acids (proteins). Our premium nutritional supplements help your cells to build lean body mass and your body to detoxify.
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Nutritional supplements for recovery
Our premium nutritional supplements provide valuable nutrients such as essential amino acids, antioxidants and active hydrogen. They gently and effectively support the body, mind and spirit during times of recovery.
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Pregnancy and lactation supplements
A balanced diet and increased nutrient intake are particularly important during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our MyAMINO® with the eight essential amino acids and our other premium nutritional supplements will support you and your baby during this important phase. Gentle, rich and with a good feeling.
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Sports & Fitness Supplements
Whether you play recreational or competitive sports, your body inevitably needs more nutrients when you exercise regularly. Our high quality, effective premium supplements can help you build muscle, improve stamina and boost your concentration.
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Supplements for vegans
Our high-dose, highly effective supplements provide your body with all the essential nutrients that are difficult or impossible for vegans to get from food. Nearly all of our products are 100% vegan. We also use almost exclusively organic ingredients from sustainable sources.
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Vitality in old age with dr.reinwald supplements
As we get older, our nutrient stores tend to become depleted. Our highly effective vitality products compensate for nutrient deficiencies and balance your metabolism in a natural way. All without additives, in organic quality and therefore very well tolerated.
Buy food supplements for seniors now

Any questions? Our friendly team of therapists and naturopaths will be happy to help. Call now or use our chat. More tips and information – in combination with the ketogenic diet – can be found in the book “Healthy, Slim and Fit” by Dr Heinz Reinwald.

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