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PektiCLEAN® micro

Sensational low molecular pectin content of up to 60%

Micro-pectin fiber with specific binding properties

Cell-active: Loosening – Binding – Eliminating


10 sachets each 1g (10g)
Functional food

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Product Description

PektiCLEAN® micro – Micro-pectin fiber with specific binding properties

Cell-active – Loosening – Binding – Eliminating

The nutritional physiological ingredient of PektiCLEAN® consists of 100% natural pectin fiber. This has a particularly high, low molecular weight content of up to 60%. Many other preparations reach a maximum of 8%.

Pectins occur in many plants, fruits and vegetables and are an integral part of our diet. As swellable, water-soluble fibre, they belong to the so-called bioactive substances that are not digested in the small intestine and are well-tolerated by the body. Pectins can act as effective, functional fibers against unwanted burdens of the organism.In plants, pectin can be present in different molecular sizes.

Nature of micro-pectins (according to literature)

  • special ability to bind pollutants and toxins
  • penetration of the mucous membrane in the bowel wall
  • the effect in the serum and in the body cells themselves
  • to aid a highly efficient elimination of pollutants and toxins via the liver and kidneys

Use of micro-pectins to support the nutritional situation

  • with (regular) excretory cures, in particular in the case of excretory crises
  • of smokers, burdened occupational groups, with environmental pollution
  • during weight-loss diets
  • with amalgam removals

New standards in “internal cleansing” – gentle and simple

The low-molecular size of micro pectin leads to a larger surface area and thus a larger adaptation area for substances. Much like other low-molecular weight nutrients, very small molecules are able penetrate the intestinal barrier, thus working their effect in the body itself, not just the bowel. Like all dietary fibers, it has a special binding capacity for unwanted substances, also such as pollutants and toxins.

Micro-pectins are a comparatively young class of chelates of biological origin. The negatively charged pectins are able to bind positively charged substances in an extremely strong but also very small complex, which is then easy to excrete from the body via the liver and kidneys.

Binding priorities: As a binding partner, „heavy“ ions with a higher proton or nuclear charge number are preferred. On the other hand, valuable minerals such as potassium, calcium or magnesium are spared. To date, nutritional medicine has barely looked at this property of micro-fibre.

Cell-active: Loosening – Binding – Eliminating
Made in Germany

PektiCLEAN® micro is without following substances:

dr.reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Gentechnik without GMO
dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Tierversuche dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Zusatzstoffe without additives
dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Pestizide without pesticides
Produkt von dr.reinwald vital ohne Schwermetalle without heavy metal

PektiCLEAN® micro is good for:

dr.reinwald vital - gut fürs Immunsystem immune system
dr.reinwald vital - gut für den Zellschutz cell protection
dr.reinwald vital - gut für Detox detoxification

PektiCLEAN® micro – the gentle cleansing for your body cells

PektiCLEAN® micro by dr.reinwald vital

PektiCLEAN® micro – 100% natural pectin fiber with specific binding properties

PektiCLEAN® micro - die sanfte Reinigung für Deine Körperzellen

PektiCLEAN® micro – your advantage over conventional pectin fibers

We are often asked what makes our products stand out from conventional supplements. The answer here is quite simple: it is the quality of the ingredients and of course the synergistic formula with added value! You are not convinced yet? Check for yourself:

PektiCLEAN® micro by dr.reinwald vital

PektiCLEAN® micro from dr.reinwald vital
Unbeatable formula for maximum effectiveness

  • Maximum effectiveness with virtually zero intrinsic toxicity, because the pectins are again purified separately before they are put on the market. An expert opinion can confirm this.
  • 100% pectin with a very high percentage of low molecular weight pectin: 60%.
  • Highly dosed: only 1 g daily consumption necessary compared to 15 g for other products
  • Tested in the laboratory
  • Free of any excipients and additives
  • 100 % vegan
  • Natural, sustainable and without animal testing
  • No genetically modified raw materials
  • Organic and therefore bioavailable ingredients of the highest quality
  • Made in Germany in certified manufacturing plants

Products by dr.reinwald vital: Your advantage

Conventional pectin fibers
Make sure to check before you buy:

  • how much low molecular weight pectin is contained. As a rule, this is a maximum of 8 to 10 % in conventional preparations.
  • whether the dosage is comparable. Usually a higher dosage is needed for the same effect: 15 g instead of only 1 g.
  • whether the preparation is free of pesticides and heavy metals.
  • on excipients, fillers and separating and binding agents, allergens as well as substances that have no place in a health product – especially maltodextrin, stearates, lactose, gluten, sugar, purine, iodine, milk, egg, soy, yeast, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives and colorants.
  • on genetically modified raw materials
  • on synthetic, chemically produced ingredients. Unnatural ingredients are often not from sustainable sources.
  • on inorganic ingredients that have very little bioavailability for our organism.
  • the origin. German standards are considered number one for quality all over the world – even ahead of Switzerland and the USA.


100% pectin (polygalacturonan), with a low-molecular weight content of 60%


10 sachets (1 g) / 10 g. Sufficient for 10 days

Nutrients PektiCLEAN micro

per 1g = 1 sachet (daily recommendation)
NRV/RDA % of the recommended daily amount

Recommended intake

  • Adults: 1 time daily 1 sachet (1g)
  • Children (depending on body weight): 1 time daily ½ – 1 sachet (0.5 – 1g)
  • Take at least 2 to 3 hours after your last meal i.e. in the evening before going to bed and/or in the morning at least 30 minutes before breakfast.
  • Take care for increased drinking of good water. The excretion can lead increasingly to thirst and urge to urinate.
  • As a curative phase, over 10 to 30 days, possibly also several times a year.
  • Supportive application while excretory cures or detox treatments, as required, several times a day.

There are no restrictions or incompatibilities known.
Suitable for vegetarians.

How to prepare

Bring approx. 100 ml water to the boil. Fill a glass and stir in 1 sachet (1g) of PektiClean® (stainless steel spoon) until PektiCLEAN® has totally dissolved. Drink warm and in small sips. Do not consume the powder undissolved or dry.

Legal note

This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise.

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Pectin fiber

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