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The choice of dietary supplements is almost endless – but how many are really good quality and effective? Many products contain inferior ingredients and formulas that have little effect. But don’t worry, we’ve got the solution for you! Our sophisticated product range is based on the knowledge and experience of Dr Heinz Reinwald and is systematically coordinated.

The focus is on the metabolic approach, which makes our vitality products effective in the long term. Our friends and customers confirm the success of our products every day. Would you like to know what they have to say? Find out what they think about us and our products now!

General customer testimonials about our products, team and approach

”I would like to thank Dr Reinwald and his entire team from the bottom of my heart for their expert advice and support. Thank you for the great products and for helping me through the extremely difficult health situation I was in at the time. I am now on the road to recovery and I am very, very grateful to you!“
Pamela S.

”The effects of the products are nothing short of miraculous! All the products do what they promise! Within a very short period of time, all complaints are significantly improved and after a very short period of time they are resolved.
From my own experience I can say that our daughter was completely cured after 2 months with the help of the “dr.reinwald” products, which she took consistently in phase 1 (intensive phase / a complete detox). According to conventional medicine, our daughter was incurably ill with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She had suffered terribly from childhood rheumatism for 10 years! Luckily we met Dr Reinwald, he gave us wonderful advice and his concept with Phase 1 gave our daughter a healthy life again! To this day, 4 years later, there is no sign of any rheumatic symptoms. She is fully recovered. It should be said that she is still on a ketogenic diet.
From my own experience I can say that stabbing vein pain, heart palpitations, palpitations, high pulse, high blood pressure, frequent headaches, intestinal problems and fungal diseases are a thing of the past since I have been taking NattoZYM, SattoZYM, FlammEXX, ColoSTABIL and VitalBASE regularly.

It also took me about 2–3 months and all the symptoms are now a thing of the past. I am also on a ketogenic diet and feel fit, strong and no longer constantly tired. Many thanks to Dr Reinwald and the team for making these wonderful, high quality products available, what would our health be without them, unimaginable!
We can recommend Dr Reinwald’s products 100% and with the deepest conviction. In addition, there is a wonderful, transparent service, because if there is ever a question about the intake, etc., you get a competent, very nice and quick all-round consultation from the Dr Reinwald team. We feel very well looked after and advised, simply recommended!“

”Your products have saved me from more serious health problems. I am able to work again and earn a living.
I would like to emphasise the excellent advice with coordinated intake recommendations and information on interactions with other substances. For example, PektiCLEAN, Active H Day and ActiveBRAVO (I tolerated the preparation with cow’s, sheep’s or goat’s milk products very well) helped me very well. Only with the help of Dr Reinwald and his team was it possible to improve my health. Thank you very much.“
Chris K.

”Thank you for your professional support and advice. Your products have helped me (a pensioner who has been working for about 45 years) to significantly reduce my health problems and thus improve my quality of life. The products EyeCQ, ColoSTABIL, ActiveBRAVO and Active H Night have been particularly helpful. I wish Dr Reinwald and his team every success.“
Birgit K.

”Great shop with lots of information on ingredients, uses and general health topics. Diverse range with a wide variety of ingredient combinations, from the classics vitamins C and D to enzyme products. Service and delivery have always been smooth.“
Peter Sch.

”I have been buying dr.reinwald vitality products for many years. I particularly like the fact that the products contain no additives or other questionable substances and are free from pesticides, animal testing and genetic engineering. Great importance is attached to the quality and purity of the raw materials, which is anything but a matter of course nowadays!“
Gülcan M.

”We have been ordering from dr.reinwald vital for years on the recommendation of our naturopath. The Vitality products are excellent and ordering and delivery are always quick and trouble-free. One of the reasons why we are loyal customers!“
Roland & Katja T.

”A wide range of products, some of which are a little expensive, but in my opinion this is justified by the high quality natural ingredients and sustainable, certified manufacturing processes that do not use additives, genetic engineering or animal testing. Dr Reinwald uses complex formulations that combine several active ingredients to achieve the best efficacy and bioavailability. Delivery is always super fast, and the website is packed with health information and attractive monthly promotions.“
Barbara H.

”I have been taking various vitality products from dr.reinwald vital for some time now and am very satisfied. The products are well tolerated by me and the price-performance ratio is good in my opinion. Ordering and delivery are also quick and uncomplicated and the products are always well packaged. Keep up the good work!“
Alexander A.

”I live a vegan lifestyle and attach great importance to a good, high-quality supply of nutrients. I was therefore very happy to discover Dr Reinwald’s Vitality products some time ago. Even though Dr Reinwald is an advocate of the ketogenic diet, the products have convinced me completely. They are all natural, made from selected high quality ingredients, sustainably produced and, with a few exceptions, 100% vegan. I trust the products and feel well taken care of!“
Yvonne B.

”Every month I eagerly await the new monthly offer from dr.reinwald. There are not only the vitality products at great discounted prices, but also very informative health articles, often on exciting niche topics. Our whole family has sworn by Dr Reinwald’s metabolic programme and products for years and we can only recommend them!“
Johnny L.

”I would like to express my satisfaction with the service, delivery and above all the quality and effectiveness of dr.reinwald vital products. I have been a customer since 2015 and will definitely remain one!“
Anna-Maria von R.

About AlgaeDHA

”I have been taking AlgaeDHA with DHA 750mg and EPA 375mg per daily dose for about three months and am really happy with it. The algae oil tastes much better than fish oil, is purely vegetable and comes from a sustainable source. The capsules are a bit big, but I can swallow them easily with plenty of water. There are cheaper products out there, but I really appreciate that the manufacturer doesn’t use unnecessary fillers and has very high standards for the purity of its products. Conclusion: I feel optimally supplied with AlgaeDHA!“
Sandra W.

”We are very happy with Dr Reinwald’s Omega-3 capsules! My wife and I have tried several omega-3 capsules from other manufacturers and have always been disappointed. With AlgeaDHA we have finally found THE one – no aftertaste, no nausea and after a month we both feel much more concentrated in everyday life and generally fitter. A clear recommendation!“
Lothar & Marianne G.

”I have leaky gut syndrome and a leaky brain. I wake up every morning with brain fog. By taking AlgaeDHA and EyeCQ in the morning, I now start the day clearer and with more energy. It also helps me to regain my mental strength and clarity much quicker after a migraine attack. Two really great products!“
Pamela S.

About Active H® (Active H® day & Active H® night)

”I bought Active H® day because I suffer from listlessness and constant tiredness. Shortly after taking it, I felt the energising effect of Active H® day – a blend of active hydrogen, potassium, zinc and vitamin B6. I take two capsules with a large glass of water when I get up in the morning. It makes it much easier for me to get going and get through long, hard days at work. I will definitely continue to order the capsules.“
Baschar M.

”The effect of Active H® night is wonderful! I feel that my immune system is much stronger and my body can replace cells much faster. It has also helped me to sleep better at night, which in turn has helped me to wake up quicker and feel fit in the morning.“
Julia E.

”Active Hydrogen is said to be the world’s most powerful antioxidant. When I read this I was curious but also very sceptical. I then bought Dr Reinwald’s Active H in a value pack to give it a try. I am absolutely thrilled! Active H has kept me fit and healthy for the third winter in a row. What I particularly like: Active H day with potassium, zinc and vitamin B6 gives me a real energy boost in the morning, while Active H night with magnesium and selenium helps me switch off in the evening and fall asleep relaxed.“
Norbert-Michael N.

”I am constantly under pressure at work and at one point I was having a lot of trouble concentrating during the day and falling asleep at night. That’s when I discovered Active H day and night and the combination is perfect for my needs. What’s more, both products are 100% natural, toxin-free and vegan.“
Kerstin Z.

ActiveB®AVO von dr.reinwald vital

About ActiveBRAVO probiotic

”I think the ferment powder is the best I have tried so far. Thanks to the detailed instructions, it is easy to make. I use organic whole milk with 3.8% fat. The result is a fine, very digestible yoghurt which I usually mix with some fruit, seeds and cinnamon for breakfast. My digestion has never been so good and I feel that my immune system is also better since Bravo yoghurt has become an integral part of my diet.“
Sven M.

”I absolutely love Dr Reinwald’s yoghurt ferment! The consistency of the yoghurt I make for my colon cleanse is just perfect and very tasty too. It is very easy to use. Unlike most store-bought yoghurts, BRAVO Yoghurt contains high quality ingredients such as over 100 probiotic strains and immune stimulating antibodies from colostrum. This gives me control over the ingredients and allows me to enjoy a healthy, homemade yoghurt every day. I will definitely continue to use ActiveBRAVO. Highly recommended!“
Rüdiger D.


About ChitosaCLEAN colon

”I have been buying ChitosaCLEAN Colon for some time now and can only recommend it. I believe that detoxification is very important in these times, but I have always been a bit cautious as I suffer from leaky gut syndrome. With ChitosaCLEAN I have finally found a product that allows me to detox without any gastrointestinal problems or other discomfort. The crustacean chitosan ballase appears to bind substances such as heavy metals, plasticisers and pesticides and, together with the bioactive B vitamins, relieves the bowels.“
Nazar M.

”Finally a product that helps me! Due to Leaky Gut Syndrome, my body is unable to bind and eliminate all the toxins in my intestines. This causes pain in my body and can cause migraines later on. With ChitosaCLEAN colon I have finally found something that supports my body and I am very grateful. A great product – thanks to Dr Reinwald and his team!”“
Pamela S.

About CHI-Extrakte

”While looking for a healthy and special birthday present for my mum, I came across the CHI range from dr.reinwald vital. The four herbal bitters, based on old monastery recipes, stimulate and strengthen the entire organism. RenaCHI for the kidneys, LymphoCHI for the lymphatic system, HepaCHI for the liver and ImmuCHI for the immune system. All four aperitifs come in an elegant dark glass bottle with a beautifully designed label. My mum now has a new pre-dinner ritual: her CHI aperitif. :)“
Diana B.

ColoSTABIL von dr.reinwald vital

About ColoSTABIL®

”I ordered ColoSTABIL with a mixture of fibres, herbs and bitter substances because I always have problems with my digestion. Admittedly, the taste takes some getting used to. But I’m happy to accept it because it really does make me feel much better. Finally, going to the toilet every day is no longer a torture for me. The price of the 450 gram can is also perfectly acceptable to me. I will soon be doing my first bowel cleansing with ColoSTABIL.“
Ivana K.

”Last year I had to take a long course of antibiotics and noticed that my digestion was suffering as a result. After doing some research, I decided to take ColoSTABIL in addition to the ActiveBRAVO probiotics. I’ve been taking a heaped tablespoon a day for almost two months now and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. My bowel movements are back to normal and I have virtually no bloating. I will definitely continue to use it.“
Wolfgang D.

”I am very happy with ColoSTABIL. It’s my regular routine every morning. I have irritable bowel syndrome, which reacts to any kind of stress with stomach pain, bloating and diarrhoea. Nothing has really helped me in the long term and I haven’t even been able to tolerate some products. Now I am very happy to have found ColoSTABIL for daily support. Never again without it!“
Marianne M.

”In spite of a balanced, healthy diet, I have always suffered from very sluggish digestion. Since taking ColoSTABIL in the morning, I feel much better. My digestion works without any discomfort and the bloating has disappeared. Just great!“
Steffen Z.

About EyeCQ

”I was given the first tin of EyeCQ as a gift. I thought it couldn’t do any harm and gave it a try. What can I say? It seems to be working because I feel much better, more efficient and fitter. I have now ordered my third bottle.“
Eva S.

”I’ve tried a few vitamin C products, but EyeCQ is the absolute mega-mix for me! Water and fat soluble vitamin C, vitamins A and E, astaxanthin, glutathione, coenzyme Q10, glutathione and zinc. I even defied last winter when it felt like everyone around me was sick. I tolerate the capsules very well and, as with many other products, I have no stomach problems after taking them. EyeCQ is vegan and free from soya, lactose and gluten.“
Thomas C.

”EyeCQ has been my daily companion for many years and is part of my basic skin care regime. It is not only good for my immune system, but also has a positive effect on my eyes and skin! Thank you Dr Reinwald!“

”I work on a computer and at some point I started having serious problems with my eyes. They were dry, tired and even though my glasses were well adjusted, I found it very tiring to see. So I started taking EyeCQ. After only 14 days I noticed a significant improvement. I will definitely continue to use the product!“
Kaya Y.

FlamEXX von dr.reinwald vital: MSM & Camu Camu Komplex

About FlamEXX comp

”I ordered FlamEXX because I have been getting tendonitis in my wrist from my daily computer work. As well as MSM, glucosamine and chondroitin, FlamEXX also contains high doses of vitamin C, zinc and boron. I don’t like to take pills, so the powder form is very convenient for me. I started with half a teaspoon of powder a day and slowly worked my way up to one and a half teaspoons. This is the perfect dosage for me and my joint feels much better! I mix the powder with some juice so it is easy to take. FlamEXX is made from 100% natural ingredients and contains no additives.“
Gaby S.


About Glutathion comp

”As a naturopath, I find the composition very successful. In addition to reduced glutathione, Glutathione comp contains other valuable ingredients such as vitamins B, B2 and B3, zinc, selenium, alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetylcysteine. A really great product against oxidative stress, inflammation and to support the body’s own detoxification metabolism, which I like to recommend to my patients. A nice side effect: Glutathione also has an anti-ageing effect. Ordering and delivery also went smoothly. In terms of price, glutathione comp is certainly not the cheapest, but it is vegan, free of additives and auxiliary substances, free of animal testing and genetically modified raw materials, and produced in certified manufacturing plants in Germany.“
Andreas S.

”Glutahtion comp for cell protection and to support the body’s own detoxification has a really interesting combination that I really like. In addition to reduced glutathione, which has antioxidant capacity, it contains important cofactors for optimal bioavailability and effectiveness. I tolerate the two capsules a day very well. Ordering and delivery went smoothly.“

About HerbiGOLD

”As I often have problems with my stomach after eating, with a feeling of fullness, heartburn and an unpleasant feeling of pressure, I have already tried various bitter drops. HerbiGOLD by dr.reinwald vital convinced me. What I like about it: the blossoms, leaves and roots it contains come from controlled wild growth and are neither freeze-dried nor heated. The product is also vegan and free from additives, flavour enhancers and preservatives. The 100ml bottle contains 33% alcohol by volume.“

NattoZYM plus - Nattokinase und Löwenzahn-Extrakte von dr.reinwald vital

About NattoZYM plus

”In my search for a product with high-dose nattokinase, I came across NattoZYM plus. And I have to say, I am absolutely thrilled! After only half a month I felt much better and more energetic. I particularly like the fact that NattoZYM contains dandelion root extract as well as nattokinase. A really great combination that is also vegan, sustainable and additive free!“
Kim H.

”I had Corona last autumn and it hit me pretty hard. I didn’t really recover for a long time, my energy level, my performance and my zest for life were all down the drain. I also had a persistent cough and very congested bronchi. By chance, I heard about proteolytic enzymes and their positive effect on the immune system and the body. After some research I ordered NattoZYM with nattokinase and dandelion root and SerraZYM with serrapeptase and cat’s claw from Dr Reinwald. I have been taking one capsule in the morning and one in the evening for a long time now and I can feel my body recovering every day.“
Hugo O.

About MyAMINO®

”I am a passionate swimmer and marathon runner and have been taking MyAMINO for some time. The product contains exactly the right amount of the eight essential amino acids so that the body can use them optimally. As I live very consciously, I particularly like the fact that MyAMINNO is vegan, free of impurities, natural, sustainable and produced in Germany. The pellets are a little bitter, but I usually take them with a smoothie and that’s fine. I highly recommend MyAMINO and the philosophy of dr.reinwald.“
Michael S.

”I haven’t been taking MyAMINO for very long, but after just a few days I realised how good it is for me. For one thing, I am much less hungry and have fewer cravings for sugar. I have also noticed a marked improvement in my food intolerances. And what’s really great is that I’ve already lost the first few kilos. I will definitely recommend MyAMINO!“
Bodo F.

”I recently ordered MyAMINO, a protein product with eight perfectly balanced amino acids. The taste is different, but it’s the effect that counts. Delivery was super fast and I’m completely satisfied with the product. Conclusion: Ten full points with a star!“
Marion A.

”A few years ago, when I was approaching 60, I started to have more and more problems concentrating, I had less and less energy and performance, I was losing muscle mass and stamina and I started to lose weight. My doctor gave me a complete check-up and all the tests were positive. By chance, I read about MyAMINO, which is made from fermented, non-GMO pulses and is completely free of additives. I replaced my other plant-based protein supplements from the gym with MyAMINO and after just a few weeks I noticed a significant improvement in my stamina, fitness and strength. MyAMINO is now an essential part of my daily diet for me and my husband.“
Anna P.

”Since I have been taking MyAMINO by dr.reinwald, I have optimised my digestion and best of all, I am finally losing weight. Sensational! Even the evening hunger pangs are finally over. I feel really good. Thank you very much.“
Amaru P.

MyREGULATE von dr.reinwald vital


”After a long course of antibiotics, my digestion was completely out of whack. I then ordered MyREGULATE, a product made from spring water, barley malt, beetroot mother juice, vitamin C and lactic acid bacteria cultures. I chose MyREGULATE not only because of its composition, but also because it is vegan, 100% natural and free from colourings, preservatives, alcohol, sugar and milk. The vacuum pouch ensures that the valuable ingredients do not oxidise. After a three-week course of 50ml a day, my digestion was back to normal. I can only recommend it!“
Christian A. S.

About MultiPLUS

”Dr Reinwald’s multivitamin capsules have become an important part of my daily health routine. The 24 vitamins and minerals they contain cover all the vitamins my therapist says I should be taking. For me, a top product for the price!“
Helena H.


PektiCLEAN® micro von dr.reinwald vital

About PektiCLEAN® micro

”I’ve tried a few things to detox my body. But none of them really worked for me. I then looked into detoxification and came across Dr Reinwald and micropeptides. I now know how important it is that the toxins released from the body are really well bound and eliminated. I am now doing my second spring treatment with PektiCLEAN and I am really enthusiastic. The 100% micropectin fibre preparation works not only in the intestines but also in the cells of the body. I take a sachet of the powder, which I stir into a large glass of hot water, in the evening just before going to bed for 15 days. I also drink a lot during this time and make sure I eat a healthy, balanced diet. And what can I say: after the cure I feel completely renewed every time!“
Miria G.

”This is the third time I have ordered PektiCLEAN and I can highly recommend it. As an occasional smoker, I know how important regular detoxification is, especially for me. PektiCLEAN gives me the good feeling that I am doing something for my body despite my vices. Unlike other detox products I have tried, I find PektiCLEAN to be very “smooth” and pleasant. I also like the fact that the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to purity and the absence of harmful substances. Thumbs up!“
Jochen S.

”Simply WOW! Suffering from massive heavy metal poisoning, I was incredibly surprised to feel clearer after just one dose. I have already done 2 cleanses and will definitely continue.“
Pamela S.

About PlastiCLEAN®

”Chitosan was recommended to me because it has a special ability to bind microplastic particles. In the end, I chose PlastiCLEAN from dr.reinwald because it is vegan, free from toxins and contains bioactive B vitamins. The product was delivered very quickly and since taking it my digestion has been better and more regular..“
Alexandra B.

”PlastiCLEAN is my absolute favourite when it comes to detoxing my patients! Not only can it bind chemicals and pesticides, it can also bind microplastics, which is very important to me personally. I love that the chitosan is derived from oyster mushrooms, so it’s vegan. It is free from questionable additives, GMO’s and animal testing, sustainable and free from harmful substances, which is unfortunately not the case with all detox products on the market. Thank you for a great product, keep up the good work!“
Johanna G.

ProZYM plus von dr.reinwald vital: Prolyl-Oligopeptidase plus Mariendistelfrüchte-Extrakt plus Lecithin

About ProZYM plus

”I have had problems with foods containing gluten for many years. The only thing I could do was to avoid gluten altogether, but this is not always possible in everyday life. A friend recommended ProZYM by Dr Reinwald. At first I was sceptical: I had never heard of prolyl oligopeptidase. But now I don’t want to be without ProZYM. I can finally go to invitations, go on business trips or treat myself to a delicious plate of pasta without a bloated stomach, diarrhoea, circulatory problems and fatigue.😊“

”My husband has had coeliac condition for 20 years and he shouldn’t eat gluten at all. Every now and then he gets some by accident and then he feels really bad. He has now tried ProZYM plus a couple of times and it has really worked. The symptoms have either been greatly reduced or eliminated. He is really excited. Whenever he eats out, he now takes two capsules of ProZYM half an hour before eating and is very happy with his new found quality of life. Thank you very much!“
Andrea D.

SerraZYM plus von dr.reinwald vital

About SerraZYM plus

”My husband was a smoker for many years and has recurrent problems with his lungs and airways. I bought him SerraZYM with 240,000 EU of Serrapeptase and Cat’s Claw. Both ingredients help the body to heal itself and loosen and clear mucus from the airways. After about two weeks, his coughing fits were much better and he was able to breathe more easily. He will continue to use it.“
Yolanda S.

”SerraZYM is my absolute secret tip for chronic sinusitis. I myself have suffered from this for years and since I started taking SerraZYM, the annoying inflammation is finally a thing of the past. Serrapeptase and Cat’s Claw have an anti-inflammatory effect and help the sinuses to clean themselves. I have yet to find a comparable product on the market. Neither in composition nor in the enzyme activity of serrapeptase, which is 240,000 EU in SerraZYM.“

SulfoCLEAN von dr.reinwald vital

About SulfoCLEAN®

”I came across SulfoCLEAN at my naturopath and was immediately taken with the combination of organic sulphur in the form of MSM and bear’s garlic powder and active B vitamins. I took a tin with me to try it out. Unfortunately, due to my very stressful job, I don’t always manage to take care of my health. SulfoCLEAN made me feel much better after only a short time. I have a healthy complexion again, the occasional creak in my joints has disappeared and I am much fitter and more efficient during the day.“
Markus S.

”SulfoCLEAN is a real blessing for my joints. Since I’ve been taking the capsules with MSM and B vitamins regularly, I’ve been able to go on longer bike rides or hikes without any problems. I tolerate the capsules well and they are easy to swallow with a glass of water.“
Daya L.

VitaDK plus von dr.reinwald vital

About VitaDK plus

”After reading about the importance of vitamin D for health and the immune system, I went to my GP to have my vitamin D levels measured. The result was sobering – only 35 ng/ml!!! Even though I spend a lot of time outdoors. As I didn’t really like the compound I was prescribed, I did some research and found that vitamin D works best in combination with vitamin K, magnesium and zinc. In my search for a suitable combination, I came across VitaDK, which also contains boron, and I am now delighted to have a level that is top of the range!“
Frank A.

”Since taking VitaDK I have more energy and my general health is better. I take two capsules a day with a little water and can only recommend the product.“
Henriette v. O.

About VitalBASE

”I’ve been a fan of VitalBASE for a long time because I suffer from extreme acidity. I mix the powder into my muesli every morning and take it in the evening with a little yoghurt as a snack. As a result, my acid-base balance is becoming more and more balanced. Ordering and delivery is always quick and smooth. Awesome!“
Nick S.

”I like the fact that VitalBASE by dr.reinwald is completely natural. Great importance is attached to the composition and quality of the ingredients, which makes the alkalising powder very well tolerated by me. It contains only the most important ingredients and no unnecessary additives. Since VitalBASE has become an integral part of my morning routine, I feel much better and fitter. I also no longer have heartburn or upset stomach.“
Katja K.-T.


Further reviews of our vitality packages

”I hadn’t really been back on my feet for a long time after a serious infection. My naturopath recommended dr.reinwald’s BasicSUPPLY, a set of the eight essential amino acids, fibre and all the essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements. I feel that I am perfectly supplied with everything I need. My body has recovered so well that I feel fit again today. Thank you Dr Reinwald for the great products!“
Rüdiger V.

”I ordered BasicSUPPLY during a corona infection to boost my immune system and do something good for my body. I tolerate all three products well and feel optimally nourished. I came through the infection well and today I am fit and healthy again.“

”I ordered the BasicSUPPLY set of three because I wanted to support my immune system over the winter. It’s great to have such a balanced combination of the most important amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements! It’s easy to take and I tolerate all three products very well. I will continue to take all three products for a while as a preventative measure, as will my husband! Thanks for all the good products!“
Christiane W.

”I ordered PerfectBRAIN because I am about to take my final exams. After just one week, I was much more alert and my concentration improved significantly. I am absolutely delighted with this combination of omega-3 fatty acids, high-dose vitamin C and antioxidants! I also like the fact that the capsules are vegan and contain no additives.“

”I have always been extremely susceptible to all kinds of infections. Thanks to VitaBRAVO and, of course, regular exercise in the great outdoors and a more conscious diet, I feel fit and vital and, believe it or not, I haven’t been sick for a whole year now. Try it for yourself, stay positive and see for yourself!“
Svenja B.

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