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Herbal extract bitters aperitif

Special herbal bitters based on old monastery recipes

To stimulate the lymphatic systeme


500 ml / 17 Vol.-% alcohol

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Product Description

LymϕoCHI – herbal bitters to stimulate the lymphatic systeme

Valuable herbal mixture consisting of fir, olive and lingonberry

The plant constituents used for LymϕoCHI – from fir, olive and lingonberry – are important for cleansing the lymphatic system, which is a circulation organ that extends from the feet to the hair. This has a central detoxification function by transporting unwanted substances and helping to excrete them from the body. The lymph is also part of the immune system: antibodies are formed in the lymph nodes to eliminate pathogens.

The alcoholic-aqueous extract contains antioxidant vitamin C and also concentrates both alcohol- and fat-soluble as well as water-soluble plant substances and is obtained from the following herbal components:

  • Fir tips (Abies folia)
  • Olive leaves (Oleae folia)
  • Lingonberry leaves (Vaccinium vitis-idaea folia)

LymϕoCHI, enjoyed as an aperitif, excites the appetite and attunes to the upcoming meal by naturally stimulating all digestive powers.

Bitter substances

Bitter substances and secondary plant compounds have been used by people for centuries. In the traditional monastic medicine in the bitter herb garden mostly a herb was grown against various ailments and to stimulate organ functions. But in our today’s food the bitter ingredients have become rare and predominantly eliminated.

Bitter substances are not only natural appetite regulators, but also very beneficial for the whole organism and its interactions. Bitters tonify the gastrointestinal tract: Saliva, gastric juices, liver, bile, pancreas and gut activity are stimulated. This optimises the protein and fat digestion, regulates malfermentation, promotes a good intestinal microflora and consequently supports a good nutrient resorption, which encourages the entire body’s metabolic regulation.

National and international nutritional experts recommend a regular supply of bitter substances for people over the age of 50 in order to boost their natural production of the gastric and digestive juices as well as the organ fuctions, which all is diminishing with advancing age.

You can find more information here:
Bitter thanks – for a good gut feeling
The power of Qi – a life in health and balance

The special herbal mixture
Made in Germany

LymϕoCHI is without following substances:

dr.reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Gentechnik without GMO
dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Tierversuche without animal testing
dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Zusatzstoffe without additives
dr. reinwald vital Produkte - ohne Pestizide without pesticides

LymϕoCHI is good for:

dr.reinwald vital Produkt - gut für Dein Lymphsystem lymphatic systeme
Produkte von dr.reinwald vital - gut für den Darm intestine


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LymϕoCHI – herbal extract bitters aperitif to stimulate the lymphatic systeme

LymϕoCHI by dr.reinwald vital

LymϕoCHI – herbal bitters based on old monastery recipes consisting of fir, olive and lingonberry

LymϕoCHI von dr.reinwald vital - Kräuterbitter zur Anregung Deines Lymphsystems

LymϕoCHI – Your advantage over conventional herbal liquor

We are often asked what makes our products stand out from conventional supplements. The answer here is quite simple: it is the quality of the ingredients and of course the synergistic formula with added value! You are not convinced yet? Check for yourself:

LymϕoCHI by dr.reinwald vital - your advantage

LymϕoCHI by dr.reinwald vital
Unbeatable formula for maximum effectiveness

  • Special recipe for the scope of application suitable bitter herbs composition
  • Free from any additives and adjuvants
  • 100 % vegan
  • Natural, sustainable and without animal testing
  • GMO-free raw materials
  • Organic and therefore bioavailable ingredients of the highest quality
  • Made in Germany in certified manufacturing plants

dr.reinwald vital - your advantage over conventional products
Conventional herbal liquor
Be sure to check before you buy:

  • whether it is a conventional herbal liquor.
  • for excipients, fillers and separating and binding agents as well as substances that have no place in a health product, especially maltodextrin, stearates, potato starch, lactose, gluten, sugar, purine, iodine, milk, egg, soya, yeast, flavourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives and colourings.
  • whether it is vegan.
  • for possibly genetically modified raw materials
  • the origin. Germany standards are considered number one in the world for quality, ahead of Switzerland and the USA.


Water, Spelt distillate (approx. 17%-vol.), Fir tips (Abies folia), Olive leaves (Oleae folia), Lingonberry leaves (Vaccinium vitis-idaea folia), Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)


Aperitif 500 ml – 17 vol.-% alcohol

LymϕoCHI and its synergies

Our dr.reinwald vital products have been designed as complex formulations. These active complexes are far more efficient than mono-substances, as they provide the organism with the important synergists and cofactors it needs to optimally support the controlled metabolic processes.

LymϕoCHI also lives from the synergy of the bitter herbs used: fir, olive and lingonberry.

Recommended intake

Enjoy 15 ml (that are 3 teaspoons or ¾ shot glass 2cl) before the meal. Melt slowly in the mouth or
thin with water

Legal note: This product is for nutrition and therefore does not affect any Drug Act of any country. A good nutritional status can help the organism prevent or to overcome diseases. All statements describe characteristics and physiological effects, which can be different for consumers, and do not constitute a healing or health promise. Many of the claims used are evaluated by the European Food Safety Association (EFSA).

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Alcoholic bitter herb aperitif


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