Cellular detox: the ultimate cleanse for your body

Microplastics, pesticides, heavy metals, pollution – our bodies have never been exposed to more toxins than they are today. Regular detoxification is therefore more important than ever. What many people don’t know is that detoxing with gut-active substances such as zeolite only binds toxins in the gut. Toxins that have accumulated in cells, serum, tissues, organs or the brain remain unaffected. Detoxification should therefore always be holistic and involve all compartments of the body, especially the cells. Only by detoxing comprehensively and correctly can we protect the body from damage and achieve the desired results.

When the body’s own detoxification system fails.

We absorb countless toxins every day, no matter how conscious and healthy we are. Once ingested, these toxins enter the various compartments of our body through our food and drink, inhalation, skin (through clothing, cosmetics, etc.) and settle in the depths of our cells. The problem is that toxins not only disrupt vital regulatory and metabolic cycles, but also the body’s own detoxification mechanisms.

Add to this our modern lifestyle of stress, lack of exercise and an unhealthy, nutrient-poor diet. This also contributes to the body’s self-cleansing function not working as well as it should, leading to an increased accumulation of toxins with a blocking effect.

This is why regular, targeted support and relief for our body’s own detoxification system is incredibly important and should be as natural as brushing your teeth or washing your hands every day.

Why is cellular detoxification so important?

Toxins can be found throughout the body, including the intestines, liver, kidneys, blood, connective tissue, heart and brain. Highly toxic substances have even been found in breast milk. Many harmful substances have favourite targets in the body.

It is logical that toxins, cellular waste and other metabolic waste products outside the intestine are left untouched by agents such as zeolite or chlorella, which are only active in the intestine but are not serum or cell wall active.

Detoxification should therefore always be systemic, involving not only the gut but also the detoxifying organs, the detoxifying metabolism and, above all, the cells.

Zellentgiftung für Körper und Geist

»Keeping every cell in the body as pure as possible is very important.

Once there is a certain level of purity in the system,

you become sensitive to life.«


What needs to be considered when detoxifying the body’s cells?

If the body is not provided with sufficient binding and buffering substances after the toxins have been mobilised, the organism may be overloaded and the toxins released may be reabsorbed. This can lead to severe detoxification reactions with symptoms including:

  • In the central nervous system: headache, tremor, impaired speech
  • In the kidneys: Kidney pain Burning sensation on urination
  • Gastrointestinal: abdominal cramps, diarrhoea (shortening of the bowel as a natural counter-reaction), constipation, colitis, haemorrhoids
  • Skin: acne, itching, redness, swelling, boils
  • In the serum: chills, fever
  • In the vessels: phlebitis, vasculitis
  • In skeletal muscles: muscle pain, cramps due to electrolyte deficiency and toxin exposure

The kidneys and lymph should be thoroughly flushed, the intestines cleared and the liver supported so that the dissolved substances are not displaced to other tissues. According to a Chinese proverb, »If you want to chase the tiger out of the house, open the windows and doors before you step on its tail.«

Therefore: The targeted release, binding and elimination of unwanted substances with the support of herbal or synthetic substances is essential in any detoxification programme – whether it starts in the gut or at the cellular level.

For whom is regular cellular detoxification particularly important?

Due to the increasing toxic load in all of us, it makes sense for everyone to take a cure once or twice a year to detoxify down to the cellular level. But this is especially important:

  • For smokers
  • For people who work with toxic substances or are exposed to particular environmental pollution
  • For amalgam removal
  • During a fasting cure or weight loss diet


Who should be careful?

People with serious malignant or chronic illnesses should seek the advice and support of a therapist before undergoing cellular detoxification to determine if and how best to do so.

Actively support your body in cellular detoxification

  • Avoid harmful foods such as sugar, carbohydrates, fast food and other processed foods.
  • Avoid harmful stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine.
  • Drink plenty of good quality water, preferably energised, filtered water to stimulate cellular detoxification and kidney activity.
  • Maintain good sleep hygiene. Essential detoxification and recovery processes take place during deep sleep.
  • Ensure good mental hygiene, good stress management and regular rest breaks and moments of relaxation. Stress, hectic pace, sensory overload and unresolved trauma can literally ‘eat away’ at the body like a creeping poison and block detoxification processes.

No diet without detox

Lipophilic, or fat-soluble, substances such as nicotine, aluminium, mercury, plasticisers and microplastics are deposited by our bodies primarily in fat cells, intercellular tissues, the spinal cord, central nervous system and brain.
These toxins can be mobilised by increased fat burning during a diet or fast, or by increased sweating during exercise or sauna sessions.

That’s why we advise: Never lose weight without supporting your detoxification mechanisms and supplementing them with buffering, binding substances.

Vitality products by dr.reinwald for cellular detoxification

The dr.reinwald metabolic programme with its proven binding and buffering of vital substances supports your organism and especially your cells in a targeted and sustainable way in binding, dissolving and eliminating unwanted substances.

For your cell-active detox

PektiCLEAN® mikro

Its advantages over other pectins:

  • Particularly high low molecular weight content of 60% – other products often only reach a maximum of 8%.
  • The small molecule size can be active in the intestine AND in cells, and at the same time bind unwanted substances particularly well.
  • The special nature of micropectins helps with easy and tolerable elimination via the liver and kidneys.
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For your energy metabolism


Its advantages over other recipes:

  • Biologically activated form of vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin and vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate) and methylfolate
  • Better tolerated than inactive forms
  • Unique formulations of substances that complement and reinforce each other in the internal cleansing and normalisation of homcysteine metabolism
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For cellular detoxification

Glutathion comp

High quality glutathione in its reduced form. The co-factors alpha-lipoic acid, zinc, selenium and B vitamins also have a cell-active effect and support the body’s own detoxification metabolism.

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The 8 essential amino acids


MyAMINO® supports the body’s own detoxification with the eight essential amino acids, with virtually no loss of nitrogen or glucose. This relieves the detoxifying organs while optimising protein nutrition and maximising your ability to regenerate.

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